Program and Project Management

Strategic Project Management Will Change Your Business Results

The CloudHost experts understand your need for program and project management—to organize resources and drive activities to improve performance, and to guide your overall priorities and planning for business results. We focus on improved productivity, forward innovation, measurable performance standards, better decisions for future program selection, integration with the product lifecycle process for increased workflow and managed resources for best performance and profitability.

Skillsets Applied to Program and Project Management

As a Managed Services Provider continually purchasing IT infrastructure components and supporting thousands of users and devices, CloudHost can provide you an operational perspective that no other “consulting” company can provide. We know how to evaluate and implement IT infrastructure, we do it every day.

CloudHost’s Program and Project Management services provide key benefits to our clients

• Increased alignment between overall business strategy and IT investment.
• Direct alignment of IT initiatives with key business goals and strategies.
• Improved investment decision making.
• Increased understanding of business benefit prior to making investments.
• Improved visibility into costs of initiatives prior to making significant investments.
• On-going comparison of investment alternatives.
• Improved return on investment and enhanced competitiveness as a result of IT initiatives.
• Clear and substantiated cost to benefit analysis for all significant initiatives with business stakeholder participation.
• Visibility to expected benefits and costs throughout the overall project life-cycle.
• Increased productivity.
• Reduced project failures – or restarts.
• Reduction of rogue initiatives that distract scarce resources from strategic projects.
• Align resources with initiatives to prevent over-commitment.
• Management sponsorship helps eliminate barriers that may undermine significant obstacles for success.
• Improved project success rate.
• Senior level sponsorship ensures support for the project.
• Improved project planning, scoping and definition reduces the number of misdirected or redundant projects that get started.
• Increased visibility into risks and issues enables management to take action to ensure success or minimize investment in projects that may not be successful due to external factors.

Full Project Lifecycle Management

CloudHost provides program and project management to organizations across a wide-range of industry verticals. We help companies establish and execute on project tasks, and also improve the strategic program and project management disciplines in their organizations. Our goal is to integrate real world experience, academic discipline and pragmatic management styles into more effective and efficient project management teams and processes.
• Project portfolio management.
• Overall project justification.
• Project planning.
• Project management.
• Business process improvement.
• Strategic information systems implementation and integration management.
• Requirements definition and analysis.
• Buy vs. build analysis.
• Business system package selection.
• Software design and development.
• Business systems integration.
• Quality assurance.
• Other IT services.
• IT Governance.
• Organizational development.
• IT process improvement.
• Planning and strategy.
• Development: SDLC implementation.
• Operations: ITIL assessment and implementation.

Strategic Project Management Partner

CloudHost has been providing award winning IT project and program management services for over 20 years. The CloudHost experts have worked with companies of all sizes across every industry, taking on the most challenging technology projects. Whether you need a senior project manager or a team of project management professionals, we provide the resources that best meets your unique needs. When you choose CloudHost to manage all aspects of your IT project you can be assured you will receive a dedicated team of experts that will work with you during all phases of project management—from conception to integration—producing successful results. We provide you and your team the confidence that comes with knowing your entire plan is working, as designed, with the intended results.

We Ensure the Entire Plan is Working, as Designed, with the Intended Results

We customize strategic plans to complement your objectives and realize your projected return on investment. These plans include every detail, from acquiring the right resources and making task assignments, to developing a detailed communication structure. CloudHost experts work with you to create concrete, workable projects that include the phases of project management—from conception to integration—producing successful results. We oversee project execution, reporting against the entire process as it is set in motion. We handle issue resolution and track each task to ensure the entire plan is working, as designed, with the intended results.