Managed Services – Private Cloud

Private Cloud Managed Services

IT organization can realize significant cost savings compared to in-house alternatives by selecting only the components and support needs for a private enterprise cloud. Delivering secure enterprise-wide computing and IT management support in a private cloud, CloudHost offers best-in-class functionality and performance in our datacenters from supporting underlying hardware/software and technology replacement for your organization. You can use as organization’s solution with inclusion of Infrastructure as a Service, the entire suite of hardware, software, work locations and support provided through a monthly fee, or management of infrastructure – or a hybrid of the two. Private cloud implies, your computing environment will be based on a distinct pool of dedicated physical computers on secure on encrypted connections.

In addition to IaaS, Private Cloud & Managed Hosting Services from CloudHost Includes

• Virtualization
• Disaster recovery services
• Application hosting
• Nightly and off-site backups
• Diverse carrier access
• Ensuring all compliance criteria