Staff Augmentation

Businesses that are powered by Windows and Open Systems, demand 24x7x365 data center support, even on weekends and holidays. The challenges in the prevailing business landscape have made it imperative that the need of being up and running is coupled with ability of remaining cost-effective. One of the things that are keeping CIOs and CTOs awake at night is staffing their mainframe data centers with qualified and skilled technology workers. Shortage of talent willing to work night, weekend and holiday shifts, coupled with the fact that it could cost up to three times higher to hire the same resource for these shifts makes this a complex problem with no apparent solution.

The two main challenges are

Manageability: Staffing the nightshift, holiday and weekend shifts at data centers has been a constant source of concern for CTIs and CIOs. Availability of resources is the primary reason as off-hours job or working on weekend and/or on a holiday is the not always a preferred option. Cost: Premium wages attached to off-hour shifts along with costs involved in managing in-house infrastructure is another challenge for businesses in slowly recovering, recession-hit economy.

How about having a partner to manage facility during nights and weekends? Outsourcing Graveyard Shift operations is the practical way to handle this challenge.

• A partner, who will oversee clients’ physical data center as well as the equipment inside.
• partner, who will create a model with a lot of flexibility, where rather than taking over facility management completely, the vendor can work the graveyard shift for an operator that handles its own network management only during business hours or just act as a redundant operations center during emergencies.
• A partner with a contract which could be as basic as a simple network monitoring agreement, or to take over the management of field technicians and staff as well.

CloudHost’s Graveyard Shift operations support offers comprehensive solution to meet global organizations’ 24x7x365 resource availability challenges. CloudHost offers highly skilled and qualified professionals, responsible of undertaking after-hour operations at an optimum cost. At CloudHost we have a process driven approach to our clients’ support requirements. Our solution is based on the fact that midnight in the India. It is easier to source a workforce that can consistently work night, weekend and holiday shifts to ensure client’s get the constant attention they need. Outsourcing of IT systems support Graveyard Shift operations to CloudHost can avail the time zone advantage along with significant budgetary benefits

By undertaking Graveyard Shift services CloudHost brings in
• Continual operational support in night, weekend and holiday shifts.
• Significant budgetary benefits compared to in-house resources.
• Qualified and experienced System and Applications professionals.
• Follow the sun monitoring, support and maintenance.
• On site and Offshore service delivery.
• In-house trained resources ensure backup availability.
• No overhead tensions of recruitment and training.
• Completely secure environment with security administration.

The pursuit for skilled and qualified resources that can securely support an organization’s IT systems operations ends with excellent business solutions like CloudHost’s Graveyard Shift Operations Support, a multi-geography solution that is driven by innovation and powered by excellence.

Our staff of systems programmers and operations specialists will step in and manage virtually all the day-to-day tasks, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year (24/7/365), freeing your staff to concentrate on their core business.

Wind Energy

In Wind Energy firms, most of production setup connected to monitoring substations including control setups, turbines, underground power systems and maintenance facilities. Entire stack of setup requires IT infrastructure enabled support model for production and maintenance to operate efficiently.

CloudHost Staffing Augmentation brings following benefits

• Access to our large candidate pool having technical competency across technologies and industries.
• A transparent approach where client interviews and personally selects the consultant.
• Flexible engagement in terms of duration and number of consultants to suit a client’s requirements.
• Higher return on investment as client saves on cost of training resources on particular technologies.
• Quicker turnaround on projects.
• Higher productivity with specialized resources.
• Flexibility to increase staff without payroll expenses or employee benefits.
• Strong process orientation that provides you with business analysis reporting, contract management and timekeeping.

We offer various engagement models under staff augmentation services

Permanent Basis
Contract Basis