Software as a Service

It’s always challenge for most of the entrepreneur today is to keep pace with changing times and technology. Today, cloud based applications offer a host of benefits like faster go-live, predictable expenditure & scalability. Cloud Host is an suite of applications addressing various functions of a business

The various business applications are

• Customer Relationship Management Suite to manage all your campaigns, prospective and existing customers.
• Enterprise Resource Planning Suite to easily manage sales and billing, purchasing, accounts and more.
• Project Management Suite to plan, execute and manage your projects effectively.
• Human Resource Management Suite to manage your workforce efficiently.
• Online Leave and Attendance Management Suite to help organization to manage employee attendance and leave records.
• Inventory Management Suite to mange stocks and provides a 360 degree view of the Inventory of an organization.

Software applications which are meant for better productivity of business in terms of communication, collaboration, work flow management and business process automation are delivered under Cloud Host’s Software as a Service (SaaS) model and accessed through web. This helps improving existing processes by adopting wide range of applications for maintaining business momentum and outperforming much larger competition.


• Affordability: Low barrier to entry and exit , answer to SMBs key problem
• Limited Risk: SLA based services.
• Pay as you Use: Services can easily be aligned with existing business demands.
• Faster deployment & no learning curve: Simplicity of deployment and use.
• Check on cash outflow: Ability to provide forecast of IT expenditures more accurately with predictable, pay-as-you-go costs.
• No in house IT team, focus on Core Business: These On Demand application dramatically reduces the technical burden associated with the ongoing IT management of business software.