Monitoring as a Service (MaaS)

Monitoring as a Service (MaaS)

Efficiently maintaining and operating the IT infrastructure is a fundamental requirement for any successful business. The level of efficiency and effectiveness operating IT systems is directly tied to cost which has always been the most important factor in making IT related business decisions. With critical assets in dispersed environments, running IT systems efficiently with limited resources is always a major challenge. Successful monitoring implementations allow you to detect faulty hardware and software in a timely manner, track performance and provide proactive maintenance.

When you decide to offer a 24×7 monitoring service, you need to ensure you have the staff in place to recognize, validate and respond to an actionable alert at any time of the day or night. The reality is that most MSPs don’t have the internal staff to be able to provide that real-time visibility and awareness. More importantly, triaging monitoring alerts isn’t the best use of your internal team.

Monitoring tools typically require a great deal of customization and configuration in order to be effective. Understanding what processes to monitor and the best practices associated with setting thresholds is a skill that takes years to perfect. This is further complicated by the complexity of today’s infrastructure which includes hybrid IT environments, public clouds, private clouds, remotely hosted environments, virtualized environments, enterprise data centers, or any combination of these. There are no easy answers to these issues.

Cloudhost Solution—SaaS and 24×7 Monitoring

As a fully hosted Software as a Service solution, Cloudhost delivers a service that allows your business to be up and running rapidly, with no need to deploy, manage or support new infrastructure. The result is considerable cost savings. Cloudhost provides a single, unified interface to track all the vital IT Infrastructure your business relies on, whether in the cloud or on-premise.

Leveraging Cloudhost MaaS allows you to offload IT management tasks to a trustworthy service provider, so you can focus your attention and resources on your core business competencies. Cloudhost enables you to lower your total cost of service delivery and provide a foundation upon which you can build higher-value/higher-margin offerings.

As a Cloudhost partner, you have access to our expert NOC team that is trained, certified and equipped to solve the most demanding technical issues 24×7. Our NOC services model incorporates several levels of service to align with your business and your customers’ requirements. Our NOC can either complement your team or act as the service resource on your behalf.